August 10,2018

  • Mike Staniforth

    “I had just wrapped a series at the beginning of the Summer and knew I had a couple months off coming up, I saw Rob advertise his new course and I thought it to be a no brainer. I’m not one for taking too much time off, I like to continue researc...”

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    “I had just wrapped a series at the beginning of the Summer and knew I had a couple months off coming up, I saw Rob advertise his new course and I thought it to be a no brainer. I’m not one for taking too much time off, I like to continue researching and learning and Rob’s course is the perfect platform to do this. Because of the bite size clips, I could take in the information and review what I had just learned without being overawed. I could jump in and out at my leisure and it was easy to go back and watch the clips again to get back up to speed. I love the idea of adapting the curve to everything I see, this way I can reverse engineer the lighting easily in pretty much anything I see. This has really helped me not only in pre-production with reference images, but also understanding how to adapt them and find a visual style for whatever I want to shoot. All of Rob’s suggested reading and viewing is great, although I had known about most of it, he has introduced me to some new films, books and artists which I have enjoyed immensely. In conclusion, I can not recommend this course enough, with the enjoyable and easy to understand bite size videos, you will begin to understand more about how to utilise the potential of your cameras sensor to create wonderful visuals using the characteristic curve.”

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A Step by Step guide to Elevating your cinematography and rapidly growing your career.

Get unprecedented access to a leading Cinematographer with 40 + years experience in every facet of the craft. From features (big and small), TV series, TV mini series, TV movies, Documentary, Commercials.

  • More than 3hrs of Video presentations with Rob sharing his 40+ years of experience with insights into developing visual style, maintaining lighting continuity, how to prepare thoroughly, and much more. DEPENDING ON YOUR LEVEL OF COMMITMENT TO LEARN THE COURSE WILL KEEP YOU BUSY FOR 10-15HRS.....AND HOPEFULLY FOR THE REST OF YOUR CAREER.

  • Exercises to develop your skills.

  • A pdf e-course book with all the slides, graphs, diagrams and charts, you can download and use for notes

  • A look at Rob’s script notes and sketches from several productions.

  • A Quiz at the end of each Chapter to test your knowledge.

  • A viewing list of films you should watch before, during and after the course.

  • A reading list.

  • 24/7 Access to Rob to ask any questions you may have.

  • An accompanying forum where you can discuss the material presented with other cinematographers and Rob.

" I’ve known Rob for a long time, back in the early ’90s, I worked as the ACLT (best boy electric) on a Mini-series he shot, he was one of the best prepared DPs I’d worked for. If you’re interested in advancing your craft TAKE THIS COURSE."

Ron Sill, Chief Lighting Technician. ARRI LIGHTING

Some of the employers of Rob’s past course attendees...


See what other successful Cinematographers have to say

“I had the oportunity to meet Rob in Maine in an Advanced Cinematography Workshop he was teaching.
With an incredible sense of humor and lots of knowloge he is one of the best mentors I have ever had.
We still keep in touch , and I keep learning from every chat we have!”

Director of Photography

Rubens Angelotti. Criciúma City. Brazil

“I had the great opportunity to attend Rob’s HD Masterclass, a few years ago in Singapore. He made the workshop learning environment comfortable and easy for everyone to ask questions. There were no technical seniority lines drawn. He was very approachable and willing to share whatever he knew readily.

What made this class valuable was, he was current, being a working and practicing cinematographer, his ideas were fresh and realistic, keeping up with the times. I am sure Anyone attending this “Old Dog” classes would take away more than just camera and lighting skills.”

Director of Photography

Senthil Nathan. Singapore

“Working with our really talented instructor DoP Rob Draper, one of the pioneers of Digital Cinematography, was an amazing experience that shaped and developed my skills as a cinematographer. My filming evolved from that experience and I learned many things I still use today as I work in the Finnish film industry.

The course was very technical due to the new digital cameras. The best part was Rob’s explanation of the artistic side and learnig how to get a more film like appearance with the new technology.

Rob is very open professional. He is extremely creative and positive and it was inspiring to work in his leadership.”

Director of Photography

Kari Kylänpää - Naantali City, Finland



    This Chapter focuses on an easy to understand description of the techniques you need to get the most out of any camera system, understand precisely the impact your lighting has and how it will be interpreted by your camera.

  • CHAPTER 2: CREATIVE CINEMATOGRAPHER: (3 VIDEOS) - This Chapter focuses on an understanding of how to develop your creative style. You will never have the fear of not knowing where to start again. You will develop a newfound confidence using this innovative and easy to understand approach.

  • CHAPTER 3: THE ART OF CINEMATOGRAPHY: (3 VIDEOS) - This Chapter explains how it all works. Putting all the techniques from Chapter 1 together with the creative elements of Chapter 2. Giving you the confidence and the tools you need to drive your Cinematography into exciting new areas.

  • IN ADDITION: Each Chapter ends with a short QUIZ so you can check how you are doing before progressing to the next Chapter. At the end of Chapter 3, in addition to the QUIZ, there is a VIDEO outlining practice exercises you can do to further develop the skills you have learned. And for those who purchased the course before July 1st there are the 3 BONUS Videos.


Rob Draper,ACS - Director of Photography

I am an Internationally recognized Director of Photography, widely known as a risk taker and innovator, whose work has won numerous awards on three continents.

From early beginnings shooting TV news, 42 years ago, I rose through the ranks in documentaries, TV commercials, TV series, mini-series, tele-features and feature films. I have worked for all the major Hollywood studios and networks, as well as many independent filmmakers, in every budget category.

Over the years I have also photographed many Independent Features including the widely successful “The Spitfire Grill” which won the Audience Award at Sundance more recently I am Director of Photography on the hugely successful CREEPSHOW TV Series, currently shooting Season 2 with longtime pal Greg Nicotero of The Walking Dead.

Driven by a desire to share my knowledge, I have taught workshops worldwide to more than 3000 Cinematographers.

This course represents a distillation of those years of experience into compact series of videos to pass on some of the most important skills for a Cinematographer.

Should you have questions at any time you can EMAIL ME



How will you benefit from taking this course?

We are not going to talk about camera’s, lenses,data rates, chip size, storage devices or post production.

  • You will become a Master of Prep & Visual Style

    I will teach you how to build a visual style, long before you arrive on set.

    I will give you the tools to reveal what you like and don’t like, from a photography perspective, in the world around you and how to apply that in developing visual style.

  • You will be Master of your Camera

    You will come away with a thorough understanding of how to create compelling images, regardless of which camera system, by using the hidden information and “guides” every camera contains.

    You will arrive on set confident and creatively inspired.

  • You will be the creator of images

    You will emerge with a clear understanding of how to apply your new found creativity to any project, large or small.

    You will approach every job with total confidence and a razor sharp objective.

    You will be able to makegive any film on any budget a BIG budget look.

How is all this possible?

"This course does not teach you what you want....

it present's you with what you need"


What does the Course cost?
(Payment Plan also available)



Bonus Videos will be included in your package



    A discussion on the use and misuse of the moving camera.

    Camera movement has become a huge part of filmmaking with the easy access to drones, steadicam, moving camera rigs, stabilizers, etc. BUT all this camera movement does not translate to better storytelling.

    This video presents how a moving camera impacts the storytelling, the “grammar” of the shot and the attitude of the audience.



    As camera resolutions get higher the use of the close-up and extreme close-up get more frightening and less frequent.

    This has a detrimental impact on storytelling as these two types of shot are critical to building drama.

    This video discusses the significance of the CU and ECU in dramatic storytelling and describes several ways of controlling ever increasing resolution with filters, lighting and exposure technique.



    Depending on the visual style of your project filters may be necessary to control the look and resolution of the image.

    Many people think using filters is simply a matter of slapping them on the lens and shooting but the effective use of filters requires a thorough understanding of many elements.

    This video outlines the use of filters in relation to some of those elements including lighting, flares, focal length, resolution.

Learn How to Establish and Maintain Continuity of Visual Style

Understand how to develop, execute and maintain lighting continuity.

"If your lighting doesn’t make sense to the audience, or you don’t maintain lighting continuity, and often that is subliminal, the audience will pop out of the scene and you immediately lose the impact of the storytelling”
Rob Draper,ACS

Learn How to Establish and Maintain Continuity of Visual Style

More Thoughts on Rob’s Teaching

Rob Draper,ACS has taught this course worldwide
to more than 3000 cinematographers.

“I learned more from Rob in one week than in 4 years of Film School”
Barbara, H (Director of Photography) - NYC, USA

“His approach is totally unusual and not at all what I expected. My first thought was why do I need this, but I learned more about the art of my profession and how to structure my approach to future projects, than in my previous 20 years”
Philippe, D - (Director) - Strasbourg, France

“Rob is a fantastic teacher and an extremely experienced DP. He knows his stuff and can effectively communicate his ideas”.
Gary, S. (Director of Photography) - Seattle, WA. USA

Don’t become a Technocrat...


"Sometimes we get so carried away with technology and creating the most compelling image that we forget telling a story is the actual goal"

Rob Draper,ACS

So What is Different about this Course?

“unlike any cinematography course you have done before"

Have you ever wondered why everything these days is starting to look the same? That is because everyone to some extent is copying what they have been shown or what they have seen before.

The difference with this course is it focuses on the ART of cinematography by applying the most critical part of the technology to the creative process. All without getting bogged down in technicalities.

It avoids long discussions of camera’s, lenses, data rates, storage, camera support and post by explaining precisely what is needed for creative cinematography and then showing each participant how to apply that knowledge to their craft.

No more imitating what others are doing. You will have the knowledge and understanding to create your own vision with YOUR signature.

It clearly defines how Cinematographers can mould themselves as artists, not technicians.


““Rob’s teachings not only gave me an understanding of the craft of cinematography, but the art and language. I credit his course in giving me a foothold in the industry”.”

Producer, DOP

Rob Beinhocker. Boston. MA. USA

“I went to study in Maine almost 30 years ago and did not know how a 4-week workshop could teach me so much. Studying with Rob was a fascination for me from the first moment I saw him.
He taught me to look at light like the good painters, and it accompanied me all the way in my professional career. The calmness, the quiet, and the patience, he has allowed me to better understand the profession, which I think is the most important thing to succeed.”

Director of Photography

Alon Grego. Jerusalem, Israel

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